Frequently Asked Questions

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GamePlan Builds Overall Enrollment Through Athletic Department Growth.
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Can GamePlan Help Our School Grow a Single Sport?

Yes, that is what we do. GamePlan targets likely participants in given sports and works to make your school top of mind for those student-athletes and their families.

Can GamePlan Help Us Avoid Having to Offer So Much Scholarship to Get Students?

Yes, freeing schools from having to give huge discounts on tuition to attract athletes is of prime importance to us. Our goal is to attract paying families to our client schools, not simply increase the number of student-athletes looking for free rides.

Can GamePlan Help Us Generate Content for Social Media?

Yes, a portion of our work involves generating some of the content we use in social media activities. However, we don’t act as a replacement for your marketing department. Instead, we work with and for them to put your school top-of-mind for prospective families.

What Is Your Success Rate?

Our client schools never lose money on our work. Period. GamePlan’s year 1 projection is to deliver a 12 to 1 return on investment (ROI) in the form of new student tuition paid. We expect that ROI to grow to 20 to 1 by year 2, and 30 to 1 by year 4.

Why Does Gameplan Limit The Number of Schools It Services in a Given Region?

We get this question quite often. Because of the strategies and tactics GamePlan uses for its private school clients, working with more than a handful of schools in a specific geography would saturate the market and would hurt our work.

How Many Schools Would You Service in a Large Market?

For a larger market like greater Chicago (IL) or great Houston (TX), we believe we can help 4-6 schools before reaching that saturation point. For a smaller market like Scottsdale (AZ), San Jose (CA) or Colorado Springs (CO), 2-3 schools would be our limit.

Can GamePlan Help Our School Target and Beat a Cross-Town Rival School?

Yes, if your private school has a close competitor or rival school GamePlan can form a plan to directly compete with that cross-town rival.

Will GamePlan Replace Our Marketing or Enrollment Departments?

No. We work with these departments closely to supply them with prospective student leads in a sustainable, cost-effective way. We support those departments with expertise and deliverables that are nearly impossible for 99% of private schools to bring together and/or afford. The private school student acquisition process is one that requires expertise and attention every step of the way.

Will Other Schools Know We Are Working With GamePlan?

No. Our work for your school is more effective if it is out of sight. Our goal is to stay under the radar as much as possible.

What Does GamePlan Actually Do?

The tools we use vary greatly depending on the market, but tactics include, but are not limited to datamining, SEM, SEO, customer profiling, inbound marketing, content creation, email marketing, social media leveraging, branding and other items we like to keep to ourselves.

Does GamePlan work with all types of private schools?

Yes, GamePlan works with Christian, Parochial and non-religious private schools.